​​Belly Up

"Looking for a fun workout that 'll help you feel better about yourself?  Consider belly dancing.  A study found the exercise may improve body image among women.  Researchers gave questionnaires to 112 belly-dancing students and 101 college students who had never belly danced.  The dancer's number one reason for shaking their hips: the fun factor.  Belly dancers scored higher than the other participants on questions related to positive body image and reported less dissatisfaction with their bodies.  The belly dancers also spent less time worrying about their appearance." 

                                                                                             - Article from Diabetes Forecast, December 2014

Global Dance offers an adult dance program that focuses on the holistic view of women of all ages and sizes - bringing the women closer to their aspirations and dreams...physically, socially and emotionally. The sisterhood of our dance brings together women as we exercise, have fun and celebrate our individuality and similarities.  

Global Dance embraces dance styles from all over the world including American Tribal, Middle Eastern, European, Indian and African cultures.    

​​SEEDs (Self-Esteem, Empowerment and Education through Dance) is a non profit mentoring program for girls ages 5-18 years whose mission is to help girls become strong and confident women.   SEEDs assumes all girls have the right to be guided, educated and mentored during their difficult schooling years, no matter their dance ability or social and economic status.  Dance, journal writing, talking circles and mentoring take place in a safe environment and explores various aspects of growing up, realizing dreams and aspirations.